We are in danger

Climate change significantly affects our ability to live on planet Earth. On this site, you can learn what climate change is, why it matters, and what you can do about it. So you can come in action. On behalf of Earth: Thank You.

What is climate change?

Climate change is a large-scale, long-term shift in the planet's weather patterns & average temperatures

The Earth's climate is changing. Countless evidence show changes in our weather, oceans, ecosystems, and more. The average global temperature has already increased by 1°C (1.8°F) above pre-industrial levels. Some regions of the world have warmed by more than twice this amount. While this may seem like not that much, the impact of global warming is tremendous.

Natural causes alone cannot explain all of these changes. In fact, 97% of scientists agree that human activities are contributing to climate change, primarily by releasing billions of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other heat-trapping gases, known as greenhouse gases, into the atmosphere every year. The gases trap heat within the atmosphere, which can have a range of effects, such as:

Changing temperaturesand precipitation patterns

Sea level increasesand rise in ocean temperatures and acidity

Melting of glaciersand sea ice turning liquid

Extreme weather eventshappen more frequently and intense

Ecosystem shiftssuch as length of the growing season

Human health threatas a result of heat and disease spread


Climate change does not respect border; it does not respect who you are - rich and poor, small and big. Therefore, this is what we call 'global challenges,' which require global solidarity.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon United Nations, December 2015

Around the world, climate change is an existential threat - but if we harness the opportunities inherent in addressing climate change, we can reap enormous economic benefits.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon United Nations, April 2014

The clear and present danger of climate change means we cannot burn our way to prosperity. We already rely too heavily on fossil fuels. We need to find a new, sustainable path to the future we want. We need a clean industrial revolution.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon United Nations, December 2011

Why does it matter?

Climate change is a serious problem that affects each and every one of us

Rising levels of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere have warmed the Earth and are causing wide-ranging impacts, including rising sea levels; melting snow and ice; more extreme heat events, fires and drought; and more extreme storms, rainfall and floods. Scientists project that these trends will continue and in some cases accelerate, posing significant risks to human health, biodiversity, our forests, agriculture, freshwater supplies, coastlines, and other natural resources that are vital to our global economy, the environment, and our quality of life.

The effects of climate change

Why climate change matters becomes very visible in this video. Simply click Play and find out how climate change is affecting your life and that of billions of other people.

What can I do?

Your actions can already have a huge impact!

That's right. Though you might feel like your lifestyle is insignificant, the choices you make in your day-to-day life play a major role in fighting climate change. In fact, by doing so you not only contribute to saving our planet, but also save money. Here is a list of nine ways you can make an impact. Start today!

Green your commute

Walk, cycle or take public transport whenever you can. You will save money and get into better shape. If you can't go car-free, try carpooling or car sharing, and if you purchase a car: buy an electric vehicle that does not run on gasoline but on electricity instead.

Electric vehicles

Be energy-efficient

Switch lights and airconditioning off whenever you can. Change light bulbs to LED lights, and unplug electronic devices such as televisions and computers when not in use. When purchasing a fridge, dryer, or washing machine, buy those that have energy-efficiency labels.

Smart appliances

Choose clean energy

Purchase energy from a provider or utility company that gets its energy from clean, renewable sources. For example: wind and solar energy. Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Wind power is extracted from air flow using wind turbines or sails.

Wind & solar

Use less water

It takes lots of energy to pump, treat, and heat water, so saving water reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Reduce the amount of waste you generate and the water you consume whenever possible, and you will see this also saves you quite a bit of money.

Water saving tips

Eat healthy & wisely

Buy organic and locally grown foods. Avoid processed items. Grow some of your own food. Eating less meat is a good step in the right direction as well, considering that 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from meat and dairy production.

Change in diet

Trim your waste

Keep stuff out of landfills by composting kitchen scraps and garden trimmings, and recycling & reuse paper, plastic, metal and glass. Try to repair a broken product before simply buying a new one , and demand minimal or recyclable materials & packaging.

Recycle and reuse

Let polluters pay

Demand a commitment to carbon taxes from your (local) government and politicians. Carbon taxes make polluting activities more expensive and green solutions more affordable, allowing energy-efficient businesses and households to save money.

Carbon taxes

Demand divestment

Fossil fuel divestment is the removal of investment assets including stocks, bonds, and investment funds from companies involved in extracting fossil fuels, in order to reduce climate change. Demand divestment from businesses, schools, banks and governments.

Fossil divestment

Spread the word

Tell others about climate change, how their everyday actions are affecting our planet and how they can help. Your voice is a powerful weapon that you should not underestimate. Engage others to join you on the path towards a more sustainable future.

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